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Cthulhu and his Monster Pals Holiday Greeting Cards

$2.50 CAD

Celebrate the awkward holidays with Cthulhu and his monster pals, as they frighten your loved ones with existential dread!

This set contains one greeting card and 4 different holiday postcards of various sizes and shapes!

Each Cthulhu greeting card contains wonderful Seussian prose on the inside that would even bring a smile to H.P. Lovecraft's morose face.

The holiday postcards feature:
-Monster Snowmen Season Greetings
-Messy Creepmas Beasts
-Merry Krampus
-Freddy Krueger and Pinhead exchanging Creepmas gifts alongside Audrey II.

Get a bundle of all 5 cards for ten dollars, or individually for 2.50 each.

-Cthulhu measures 6 x 4" (ish) (cardstock) and comes with an envelope
-Snowmen is a wide 8 x 3.5" (ish) (linen cardstock)
-Krampus, Creepmas, and Freddy & Pinhead are 8.5 x 5" (linen cardstock)