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Mickey Horror Sticker Show

$9.00 CAD

The Mickey Horror Sticker Show is here! Celebrate your fave mice and fave horror flix with these demented mashups! Get one themed sticker packs or collect them all! Trade them with a friend! Don't have any friends, well, these will sure get them! Heck, who needs friends when you got stickers! Stickers are your friends!

Choose from the following packs or get everything with an exclusive bonus sticker!

Stickers are about 4 x 2". Jumbo stickers are about 6 x 4"

*The Slasher Flick Fiesta Pack!*

3 Regular Stickers and 2 Wide-Screen Stickers!

Halloweeny hockey nightmare masks and weird cannibalistic killer families! Yum Yum!

*The Giant Monsters Madness Pack!*

3 Regular stickers and 2 Jumbo Stickers!

Three angry kaiju, a MASSIVE haunted Marshmallow Duck, and a HUGE sandworm with ghosts!

*The 80s Creature Feature Pack!*

9 stickers!

Predatory alien things, a man eating plant, a soul eater that raise hell, a possessed plaything, a mythical diminutive Irish Mouse, some human flies, and a killer clown that runs on nightmare fuel!

*The Old Timey Monster Pack!*

12 stickers total!

Nothing beats the classics! Vampires, a were-mouse, a mummy, a sea creature with watery shape, the reanimated undead, bride of the reanimated undead, mad scientist, a hunchbacked lab assistant, a wicked witch, an invisible mouse, and a classy phantom! The universe is less dark, but still squeaky.

*The Complete Mickey Horror Sticker Show Collection with Exclusive limited edition Bonus Sticker!*

You get everything! That's 32 stickers of over 40 monsters at a killer discount! The defies all logic and all math! And as an added bonus, you get the exclusive MiCTHULHkey Mouse included! What utter cosmic madness!