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$3.00 USD / On Sale

Here's your last chance to snag these stickers before I unlist them!!!
They're all full sets and you get 4-6 stickers per pack!
They're glossy paper stickers.
They're your favorite, Prehistoric, motivational critters in Mega-size!!
4 per pack. They're about 4 x 4"

Dinocorn Series 1:
"You're badass" Stegacorn, "You got this shit" Tyrannocorn, "KIck some fuckin ass" Brontocorn, "crush your enemies" Pterycorn

Dinocorn Series 2:
"Keep your eyes on the prize" Spinocorn, "fuck em, do you." Triceracorn, "badass ma'fucka!" Ankylocorn, "killin it!" Dilophocorn

Dinocorn Series 3:
"i believe in you" Styracocorn, "hustle hard" Pachycephalocorn, "you're on fi-yah!" Velocirapcorn, "don't fuckin stop" Kentrocorn

Prehistoricorns: "Keep yeh chin up!" Terror Bird, "You matter!" Terminator Pig, "Keep fightin'" Sabretooth Cat, "Shit yeh!" Woolly Mammoth
Cute, armed baby animals!
5 per pack. They're about 2.5 x 3.5"

City Guardians: Lead Pipe Skunk, Slingshot Kitty, Cleaver Rat, Broken Bottle Pigeon, Hammer Raccoon.

Barnyard Guardians: Scythe Duckling, Axe Foal, Shotgun Calf, Crowbar Goat and Chainsaw Lamb.

Woodland Guardians: Brass Knuckle Mouse, Baseball Bat Fox, Switchblade Bunny, Grenade Bird and Molotov Fawn
Oh, That Retro Goatbunny snark... times 6!!!
6 per pack. They're about 2.5 x 3.5"
These ones are waterproof polyvinyl stickers