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The Plight of The Artist - coloring book

$15.00 CAD

Grab your favorite coloring tools and and a splash of brightness to the nagging creatures that can infest an artist's mind.

From anxiety to just giving in to the negative thoughts (cuz, let's be real, it's just easier some days...), goatbunny represents her own demons by drawing them out with fun little phrases that play on repeat.

15 drawings accompanied by insights that expand on each one.

It's 32 pages so that each drawing is on its own sheet of paper. Go nuts! Dig those markers out cuz you don't have to worry about ruining another drawing on the back! It's also on newsprint for that classic, coloring book-feel. Mmm... nostalgia.

The book is 8.2.5 x 8.25 inches.

*** I printed 3 copies that have a couple of errors before I was able to catch them. I fixed them by hand, but they're pretty minor. If you're interested in weird things like books with mistakes, you can actually grab the last one. I even included a Certificate of Authenticity :D Just select that option in the drop down.